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Hi, my name is Sameer Maldar and I’m the co-founder of Lamp Treasure Ltd.

I’m an MBA in International Business and an Electronics Engineer. Peter Dodd, my fellow co-founder, has played a very important role in shaping up my interest in antiques. Even though I have been a person of science and logic, history and historical artefacts have always attracted me. Peter Dodd helped me nurture this attraction to the point where we decided to collaborate and form Lamp Treasure Ltd., the company that now owns the largest stock of antique lamps in the United Kingdom

Traditionally, lamps were purchased in antique shops. Someone like you or me then had a very limited choice given the limited number of lamps a shop could stock. We decided to change this and go online. Now you can browse the 'crème de la crème' of antique lamps right from your phone with ease.

With heartfelt thanks, peace be upon you.

- Sameer