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The hand picked selection of antique lamps we offer are primarily from the 19th Century lamps, when Chinoiserie and Japonismé became newly fashionable; showing their remarkable oriental styles, and influencing artists of that period including Van Gogh, Monet, Whistler.

The original antique oriental vases were imported into Europe, primarily France, and combined practicality with functionality, being fitted with high quality gilt bronze mounts, and oil burners. We have had the oil burners removed. Our vintage table lamps have been professionally cleaned, and rewired to the appropriate BSS (British Standards Society) standards in London, UK where we are located.

Antique Chinese Lamps

Chinese translucent porcelain, and the affiliated decorative patterns, ('Willow pattern' prunus flowers, mythological animals, court scenes and dragons, inter alia) became, from the 17th Century onwards, as is said, 'all the rage'.

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antique chinese lamps
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Antique Japanese Lamps

Japanese art developed along different lines to that of China.

This difference was only exposed to the West after 1863, when the American Naval Officer Commodore Perry opened contact with the Shogun, as Japan had closed its borders to outsiders for hundreds of years.

Japanese art expressed the ephemerality of life, and the art form was described as ‘The Floating World’.

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Antique European Lamps

Our range of decorative European Lamps incorporates works from Deft, Bohemia, England and France using pottery, crystal glass, fine bronze work and porcelain. Each country had its own form of artistic decoration based on its traditional history and skills.

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antique european lamps